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11-06-2012, 12:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Leaf Rocket View Post
Not true. There must have been some warning or tip-off for him to take such action. India is a mix of the most modern cities with the biggest slums in the world. Not a prideful matter but it's still a miracle that place is holding together with the conflicts that are present in the daily life for a middle class family. So for a person of his status, it doesn't hurt at all to take such security measures.
I don't see why he can't use the regular security vehicles that the RCMP would've given him. Are you thinking that Harpers own vehicle is more equipped at handling danger than the one our own RCMP gives to him? If there was a tipoff, the RCMP has more than enough resources to provide him with one of their own safety vehicles, which they always give him. There was absolutely no reason for him to bring his own friggin Cadillac to India.

The conflicts that you've mentioned doesn't affect him at all, as he will not be going near those slums, nor will he be travelling with the everyday crowd. He will be staying within the "diplomatic" area, and will travel when all other vehicles in the road is at a stand still, just like they do in Bangladesh whenever a foreign dignitary is moving from a place to another.

No one is questioning the security measures. They are questioning the extra 700 grand it took to put his own vehicle there as opposed to what the RCMP would have given him.

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Back from the midnight release of Halo 4. Can't feel my toes. Successful wait in line.
Gratz. The only downside to PS3 is no Halo. But Uncharted makes up for it

****ing hate Barcelona with a passion now. 1.5 hours of FIFA 13, still couldn't beat those ****ers with Real Madrid. They are too ****ing good.

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