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11-06-2012, 12:19 AM
Craig Fischer
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I like to look at the positives, and I'm considering it a huge win that my views on Stalock (who isn't even a Sharks "prospect" in a HF sense) are the only real pitchfork and torch worthy ones--haha.

Speed, I'll summarize my answer and then give you individual answers. I'm looking at these players from an NHL lens. I'm trying to project players into the future and determine given their skillset and tools if I feel like they can succeed in the NHL. I think you'd agree that the AHL is a different creature than the NHL (it's of the same species/kingdom/whatever) and success at the AHL level doesn't always correlate to the NHL (A quick look at past Baz award winners is a great indicator of this). That being said, I think I was called out because I essentially said Stalock was struggling so far this season. He was, I think he's improved over the few games since then, but I still see flaws in his game, and stand by my belief that he's benefited from lesser offensive opposition. I don't things are as dire as they were how I saw things early on, but I still do not see Stalock as an NHL calibre goalie (I hope he proves me wrong!).

Reflex/Highlight: Luck. He's making saves because of poorly placed shots. At the NHL level I feel like he'd be burned.

Tracking: We'll have to disagree here--funny enough this is one of the biggest points of arguments amongst scouts because of how hard it is to actually "track" this haha.

Stats: I'm a big believer in statistics because I do feel like they help illustrate the story (I'm always reading articles on NHLE and the like, and a big fan of fenwick/corsi work being done in the NHL), but it's not the whole story, and you have to dig a little deeper (or look at more advanced stats--which are all either theoretical or too complex) and I think his overall stats so far have benefited from weaker opposition. I believe the next three games (The Pirates are rolling right now), will be a fantastic indicator of where the defense/goaltending of the Sharks actually is at.

I feel like I wrote a bunch here haha--so hopefully that creates some good old fashioned discussion. I appreciate your insights.

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