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11-06-2012, 02:25 AM
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Originally Posted by HighLifeMan View Post
I simply don't agree, regular packs just don't cut it.

As it stands now the ONLY way to build a competitive team is to work the market non stop (which the majority of people have no time for...) or by getting extremely lucky.
Actually playing the game to earn pucks is completely useless under this current system.

If EA elects to announce that gold premium packs are the "best way to land elite players" then the customer is being led down a huge tunnel of disappointment.
Charging $3.00 for such a return is borderline criminal in my estimation.
Building a competitive team is easy. If you're a decent player you can compete against any all star team, with an average team of your own. And since 84s and a lot of 85s are going pretty cheap, really cheap, actually, you can absolutely build a competitive team without working the market "non stop".

Originally Posted by wKetch22 View Post
I dont want carreers, that was half the reason I didnt like Hut12

Like I said, I like how rare players are tough to get, but its just ******** what they fill these packs with. I think we can all agree rare injury cards are a piece of ****. I am unbelievably sick of getting them, I mean they are just useless. I dont think rare injury cards need to be replaced with SOTW cards, but at least SOMETHING useful

Im just tired of getting **** players. If 7.5k is too cheap for my 85 plus pack, then raise the price... 10k? 15k? Thats fine, at least you wont feel too ripped off. I mean there are 85's that go for jack ****, like isnt Hanzal or Handzus an 85?

I love opening packs, but I just cannot bring myself to spend any of my current 70k built up on one. Because like HighLifeMan said, there is no possible way to build a team through packs. I have opened plenty of packs and my best player I have gotten is Helm. By now it would have been nice to get a player worth a little more.

But like I said before, its tough to balance
If it were easy to build teams through packs, it'd make it so easy for people to just spend money and get a good team, which defeats the entire purpose of HUT. That would be so lame if someone could just spend 30 bucks on packs and then ice a great team, no matter what.

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