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11-06-2012, 03:30 AM
vadim sharifijanov
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Originally Posted by Theokritos View Post
Spot on. I don't say it's a bad thing, it's just that
1) it astonished me to see this kind of full flight protectionism openly embraced in North America,
2) I don't think any players deserves to be blamed or even villainized for not liking the system
i should note that i am not an american, though my country (which is in north america) is becoming every year more economically neo-liberal. politically, however, i think you'll find many canadians were raised with a very acute sense of protectionism, and a good deal of distrust about free trade. at least those of my generation, who grew up during the NAFTA debates and became adults around the time of the G7, G8, APEC, and WTO protests.

Originally Posted by Theokritos View Post
But is that the way it legally is? Aren't the franchises entities on their own, companies that could break away from the NHL (of course, it would be costly and risky and all) if they wanted to? Players don't sign their contracts with the NHL, they sign their contracts with a certain team. The teams are the companies, not the NHL.
well, the contract is only valid under the umbrella of the league. i.e., if the league is not in operation (like right now), those contracts are meaningless. so no, i don't think teams are independent companies in the sense that you say. that's why they're called franchises.

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