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Originally Posted by stranger34 View Post
The challenge is going to be making the place "home" I have a bad feeling it's going to have a feel similar to seeing the Nets/Devils at the Izod.
As a Mets fan, there was a lot of that kind of sentiment when CitiField opened: "It's not Mets enough, the seats are green, the walls are black and sandstone, it doesn't feel like home."

But what is "Boston" about a giant green wall? (Or a Citgo Sign?) Nothing but the fact that the Red Sox have played in front of the Monster for like eight decades.

It's the not the walls or signs, or unique things like the Apple that makes somewhere home. Shea Stadium actually had green outfield walls for almost 20 years.

It was "home" because it was where we saw Seaver, Gooden, Strawberry, Hernandez, Carter, Piazza, Wright and Reyes play their home games for the Mets. Where Dykstra, Strawberry and Piazza hit epic home runs; Swoboda, Agee and Chavez made amazing playoff catches, where the ball went through Buckner's legs and Orosco's glove went up but we never saw it come down.

CitiField feels a hell of a lot more like home after Santana's no-hitter; and Barclays will feel like home after a while.

A few years down the road, we'll have the same routines after goals like we have now. Goal is scored, horn sounds, LED's start flashing Islander's themed goal graphics, the same goal song starts going, the same PA announcer tells us who got it, crowd reacts the same. It will become normal.

Maybe we'll come up with some new traditions. I look forward to seeing the fans do the wave at Barclays. It sounds weird because the wave is so cliche, but with the horseshoe shaped arena, I want to see what happens: Will the fans pause for the time it should take for the wave to move across the gap with no seats?

Barclays will become our home, when the banners are up, and we're used to seeing our guys play there. And hopefully, win some freaking playoff series there. I'm 34 years old, and I probably couldn't remember the last time we won a playoff series at home if not for Dale Hunter. It didn't register then that it was going to be a significant moment. I just assumed we'd do it again within the next 20 years.

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