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Originally Posted by David Krejci View Post
Building a competitive team is easy. If you're a decent player you can compete against any all star team, with an average team of your own. And since 84s and a lot of 85s are going pretty cheap, really cheap, actually, you can absolutely build a competitive team without working the market "non stop".

If it were easy to build teams through packs, it'd make it so easy for people to just spend money and get a good team, which defeats the entire purpose of HUT. That would be so lame if someone could just spend 30 bucks on packs and then ice a great team, no matter what.
Again, I disagree.

The purpose of HUT should be to actually play in games and tournaments in order to build up a strong team over time. In such a system that EA has in place now, that is virtually impossible.

The reason the market fluctuates as much as it does is because of the god awful returns from packs. I can only assume that very few people consistently buy regular packs, and because of this the market goes dry. To solve this problem EA then releases a "rare player pack" which then floods the market for another two weeks.

In all honesty, I think the biggest issue I have with packs is the classifications of rares. Classifying healing cards (and most jerseys...) as rares is absolute lunacy, and EA knows it.

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