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11-06-2012, 05:42 AM
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Every article says the NHL and NHLPA are meeting today and its a critical meeting or a critical week. One player tells the Toronto Star that a deal is not close. Other players are optimistic. Keep quiet.

John Shannon

For example, 50 per cent of hockey related revenue (HRR) to the players and 50 per cent to the owners is fair. I have been told that the issues related to HRR are no longer a factor and both sides are speaking the same language.

As well, the 60 per cent of players who are still under contract and the additional portion of that were part of the summer-signing frenzy should receive all of their money. Yes, they should be made "whole" before the new CBA expires. Owners that abused Gary Bettman's advice of 'business as usual' should not be able to hide behind any rollback. And if, in fact, any owners who signed those contracts assuming there would be a rollback should be ashamed for a premeditated act of deception. The players getting the money owed to them is surely fair. I don't care how owners get the money, but it should not come out of the players' share. Not fair.

Contracts that go into double-digits (term) have to be removed. These contracts have made a mockery of a business that is filled with big-money teams and just as many big-money losing teams. While the concept of averaging the salary of a contract over its duration looked lovely on paper, it has not worked well enough in the salary-cap era.

The abuses outweigh the advantages and the self-inflicted wounds the teams had to endure became laughable. Seven-year contracts (each year no more than 10 per cent apart) are fair.

Shannon wrote about other reasonable compromises.

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