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11-06-2012, 06:25 AM
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Originally Posted by AJGass4 View Post
You think RR's excitment will get to him?

I often wondered if the guy had a pulse. Didn't matter what he did out there, he was always the same. I can't even remember him throwing a fist pump after a good completion or any anger after a bad throw. I also don't ever remember him pointing a finger at himself when he threw a bad one. That is the one thing that always bugged me about him.

I know it's good to be calm, but the guy never looked like he gave much of a damn.
Not being overly emotional and not showing any emotion are two completely different things; the hyperbole is not particularly accurate. Sure, Ray wasn't a Burris or a Lulay where he's running down the field jumping up and down but there were definitely moments where he did show some emotion.

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