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Originally Posted by Maxwell Goldshadow View Post
Good luck!

Meanwhile, I'll start in adult college at the end of this month. Hoping to get my abitur in two years. I'll be most likely majoring in English so expect it to improve considerably in the future.

I'll also have to take quite a lot of courses in maths, Finnish, history, physics, chemistry, geography, health education (or human ed, whatever the translation is) and so on.

To get my abiture (equivalent to high school diploma in US), I'll be taking final exams in English (major), Finnish, maths (I'll be taking minor course there as most of the advanced mathematics makes no sense to me) and one of history, physics, chemistry, geography, health ed, philosophy, biology or citizenship education. Out of those, history seems most appealing to me but it's also the most difficult as it contains six courses and a lot of knowledge that's not in the books is required. Health ed is the easiest but I'll make my choice later on.

Hoping to succeed, I'm already 20 and most of the people my age already have a second degree education (either high school diploma or a profession). If I do succeed in getting my abiture I'm qualified to attend either a university or a polytechnic, out of which the latter is the more appealing option.
Is this "Iltalukio" or something else? I might have to look at something similar than this.

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