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Originally Posted by Canon1990 View Post
Of course they hope all of their picks will be NHLers someday, but that doesn't happen, and they know that. By the time you hit the 3rd round you up to the longshots. So yes, I think they would be thrilled if they a PPG player in the AHL. The Whale team may not be as important as the Rangers(obviously), but they still want good players down their so there is a winning environment for other prospects we draft later on.

Anyway, we all have a different definition of a bust, but IMO a bust is a player who had good potential to be a NHL regular player, and did not live up to that. Not every single draftee who did not make the NHL. Again just my opinion, don't kill me!
If they get a PPG player in the AHL, then that person is likely also an NHL depth player/injury replacement. However, it's extremely unlikely that Ryan Bourque ever becomes a PPG player at the AHL level. He's an energy guy, and wasn't even a dominant offensive player in the Q. Even then, I doubt the team would be thrilled--they'd be thrilled if he became an NHL player. A spare part? I think you're satisfied with that, but far from thrilled.

To the second bold point--I think when Bourque was drafted, there was certainly the hope that he had good potential to become an NHL energy guy. He wouldn't have been taken in the third round if the organization didn't think he had legitimate potential--small guys that skate fast are a dime a dozen. The potential doesn't appear to be materializing. If, two years from now, he's still an AHL depth player, would it then be okay to label him a bust? By your definition I would think you'd have to say yes.


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