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11-06-2012, 09:01 AM
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Originally Posted by MP View Post
I almost never watch football, but I did happen to see that hit. I can't believe they left him in. The broadcast crew couldn't believe they left him in. And I'm pretty sure nobody knew what "the facts" were at that point... least of all the player. All he knew was how many fingers Coach was holding up (2012) and what year it is (3) and what he'd eaten for the pregame meal (chicken goo marinated in Gatorade, plus some soft stringy ****, I don't know noodles maybe).

Poor Todd. Why do people continue to mistake him for a journalist? What do you mean by asking him for facts and ****? He's not about facts. Facts are for the guys in the truck. Todd's about feelings, and storylines, and what this moment means to you, [Prominent Arizona Sports Figure]. You'd think even he would have made the observation that American college athletics, as an institution, isn't about to put the players first or second or third. Maybe they're fifth. I mean you could make the argument that they're fifth. But they're nowhere near first, is my point.
His tweet verbatum:

Todd Walsh ‏@ToddWalsh
@theawfulwaffle as usual you throw stones without researching the facts of the day.

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