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11-06-2012, 09:01 AM
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Originally Posted by eskies4life View Post
Wow do I love Tencer even more after tonight, completely went after Tillman. I know I was a Tillman defender at a point but after seeing more of this stuff come to light I am the exact opposite and am so relieved that he is gone.
I agree with the people who wonder where the media was for the last 6 months.
seems like they are just piling on Tillman right now, when lots of this stuff has been ongoing.
considering how many people in Eskimo management have quit in the last two years, someone needs to do some digging to what's going on. Seems with the talk about Rhodes actions, he needs to be looked at, too.
Hopefully after the season is over. some things get taken care of.

but for the game.
I hope the esks, freed from the chains of tillman, rise to the top and emerge victorious.
reality calling me, I say the argos win. they have a good defense which is healthier than Edmonton's. And lets face it. they have the better QB.

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