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Originally Posted by chuppa chupp View Post
Thanks. How would you describe the film's vibe / genre? I've read that it's a surreal, nightmarish, fever dream, but is it horror ? Fantasy? Dark comedy? Or would you say it's hard to classify? I kind of want to know what I'm getting into.
Very hard to classify...something like a surreal black comedy with a stitched-together, almost improvisational feel. Not horror though. There isn't much of a plot so you've left to figure out what all these sequences mean. Very curious to hear your thoughts when you see it.

Originally Posted by Stu Macher View Post
Your review reminded me of something, Hototogisu. I really liked Cosmopolis, and sometimes I feel like I'm on an island.
Actually I was inspired recently to go back and read my initial review of Cosmopolis. I think I only gave it something like a 6/10, but I think it's grown on me and deserves higher marks than that. Out of all the movies I've seen this year, it's certainly one that's stuck with me. I'm still not really crazy about the ending with Giamatti - seemed like a cliche in a movie almost completely devoid of them. Or maybe I just wanted him to spend the whole 2 hours in the damn limo.

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