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Originally Posted by brian_griffin View Post
Greed is not mutually exclusive. Both sides can be Gordon Geckos.

Agree it happens. Long before negotiations begin, strategies are set with individual roles and responsibilities. IMHO, a personal impasse between Bettman and D. Fehr is a real possibility.

Another reason for having the second-in-commands from each side talk, is it allows both sides to have an "out" that since the principal / lead people were not involved, an "unofficial" tag can be attached to the discussions. There can be a lot more probing of potential positions / "what ifs", etc., if Bettman & D. Fehr aren't involved.
Naivety - to think 30 million-billionaires and 300-400 millionaires voices mean nothing when it comes to two personalities. Get real when Billions of dollars are at stake the only thing that matters is the agreement. If you think that Bettmanīs personality stands in the way of the ownerīs needs then you really donīt know what is going on or why Bettman makes $8,000,000. Sure personalities get in the way of your mom and dad getting a divorce but lets not be stupid here. Moves are calculated and discussed(aside from the odd player lashing out) The goals are discussed. Letīs move on from this point I think it is a waste of time to discuss.

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