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11-06-2012, 10:31 AM
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Originally Posted by talkmtv com View Post
Ok I just have to say this...what had caused so many of you Avalanche faithful to give up on Duchene and decrease his value so much after a single bad year?
There are a number of reasons why. However, one must take a deeper look into the details of his play, rather than just throwing up basic annual scoring stats from his first two years, in order to understand the reasons.

Originally Posted by talkmtv com View Post
And by the way, if you followed the team last year (and I'm sure just about 100% of the people on this board did) you would know that he was injured almost all of least year, and he was visibly playing through it.
That's actually not quite accurate. Duchene was healthy until getting hurt against Phoenix at the very end of the calendar year - in game 39. So, he wasn't injured 'almost all of last year'. He was injured for the 2nd half.

Originally Posted by talkmtv com View Post
Instead of focusing on his one bad, injury filled year, why not talk about his rookie year where he put up 55 points? Or the year after where he avoided the always common "sophomore slump" and put up 67 points?
There are several reasons. One, while healthy for the first half of last season, he had put up 24 points - about a 50 point pace. While not an ugly output per se, it was certainly a downgrade from the 55 and 67 point seasons he had put up before. A certain level of improved play was absolutely expected, but didn't materialize.

But taking a closer look at the details of his play, in particular his pre-injury output from last year, Duchene scored 1 goal over the (approx) first few weeks of the season, then scored 8 goals over an 11 day (8 game) stretch, then scored 3 goals over the (approx) next 6 weeks prior to his injury. His assists were a bit more spread out. So, over most of the games in the first half of the season, he was largely irrelevant offensively.

However, the other negative issues that people bring up in regards to Duchene - which also require looking a bit deeper into the details of his play - revolve around A) his continued inability to use his linemates effectively; B) his continued repeated (again, and again, and again) junior league spinorama moves in the offensive zone that result in turnovers almost every time, and his seeming inability to sense where to put the puck or himself on the ice; and C) his continued generally lazy, uninspired play at times. These three things have been problems (at least part of the time) since he stepped onto NHL ice 3 years ago, and some of us simply haven't seen improvement in these areas, regardless of the results.

I'm sorry, but all of that is legitimate cause for concern.

Originally Posted by talkmtv com View Post
I'm not trying to bash anyone or anything, but I would truly like to know...why have so many of you de-valued Matt Duchene so much recently?
Hope that helps.

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