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Originally Posted by Metrees View Post
So Hurricane Sandy destroyed my beautiful home and 90% of my possessions, except my hockey equipment. I have now moved in to a studio apartment until my home is renovated and livable again ( which could be anywhere between a few months to a year). This new apartment is tiny and I can't think of where to hang my equipment after usage.

Is there anyone who lives in a small space that has come up with a solution to this problem?
I purchase a couple items for my hockey equipment now that I'm living in a small apartment. In the past I really didn't do to much to prevent my gear from smelling. Once I purchase some great gear I wanted to make sure it would last me a long time. The first is a equipment dryer kind of like the Shock Doctor Bag. The dryer works great to dry up my gear after games and prevent the build up of sweat smell. The next thing is a deodorizer that I usually put on my gear after it's done drying to give it a better smell. The third will be the deodorizer balls I usually put in my bag once my equipment is dried and ready to pack up. It might seem like a lot of money but it's actually worth it. I laugh a bit when my teammate tell me I don't smell or that equipment always smell like new.

Link (


Deodorizer Ball

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