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11-06-2012, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
That's a good joke, Atas. I admire your naivety. Of course the only reason Slovaks aren't playing in the EuroTour is because we're not allowed to. This has been common knowledge for 2 decades. If it had been possible, we would have played there every year, instead of just once in 20 years (something like 10 years ago was the last time).
You are missing the point by a mile. EHT is nt an IIHF event. Nobody can allow or disallow the slovaks to join but the 4 participating federations. And when exactly you would play in the EHT? There are 4 tournaments during the regular season already. There is a reason all those preparation tournaments have about 4 nations participating. Otherwise it wouldn't work. AND Slovaks never inquired to join.

Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
It's 100% fair because the rule would be applied to every team equally. It's Neftekhimik's fault if their best player is a 20-year-old as you allege. Besides, you're just fantasizing because Yakupov will hardly be spending any time in Europe at all if there is a regular NHL season next year.
1. You have a strange sense of fair competition. Wasn't that you complaining about so many slovak players left without games after the KHL regular season? And there they would be in the same situation as any other team. Here you state it's the teams' problem if they had to release their players for some tournament outside the regular season while others wouldn't just because they have older players carriing the load. I wouldn't want to play any game against you. You understanding of fairness is pretty unique.

2. Nobody fantasizes here. Yakupov plays for Neftekhmik because of the lockout , yes. But there is a whole bunch of youngsters with important roles on their KHL teams. Why should those teams pay the price for having young talent on the roster?

Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
Yep, absolutely and totally non-competitive compared to them. It doesn't really matter if Slovakia finishes first or last in this week's mini-tournament in Germany, whereas every KHL game matters a lot. Maybe your EuroTour games aren't so non-competitive, but that doesn't apply to the cr*ppy mini-tournaments that the Slovaks have been forced to participate in over the last 20 years. Besides, all these prep games are frequently used just to test out potential new national team players, rather than players who will actually play for Slovakia in top events. For this week's international tournament, there is no NHL player on Slovakia's roster -- no Chára, no Šatan, no Višňovský, no Sekera, even no Staňa. Záborský cancelled his participation earlier today. The tourney is mostly an opportunity for coach Vůjtek to test younger players.
Your logic is from another planet. Nobody can 'force' slovaks to participate in some particular tournament. Please complain with your federation. They should negotiate better tournaments for the NT. Heck, it's a lockout year. Go play against NHL stars. You can't organize that? Why is that anybody's fault? And there is a revelation for you. EHT is never played with best rosters either. So what? It's a test for younger players, players with no international experience too. No Ovechkin, no Malkin, no Datsyuk, no Kovalchuk. It's just the same as the other international tournaments during the break.

Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
I don't care about that... Right now, the World Championships are pretty much a travesty, allowing only those NHL players to participate who have failed with their respective NHL teams. Whereas those who are having perhaps the best season of their lives, cannot play at the WC at all. What's prestigious about that?
What's better a WC without NHLers or one with some few?

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