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11-06-2012, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by xX Hot Fuss View Post
Pt 4 has already been made. Just waiting til this one gets to 1000 posts. We're going through 1 discussion thread a week boys!

Something I'm considering, since injuries are so bad, is completely changing the sim format. What I MIGHT do is get rid of the double advance completely and give everyone 2 days to finish their block of games. Still working out the math of it but it can potentially get rid of long, injury prone, sim periods and allow the more active members to get their games in.

If i advance every two days with no double advances, one Bluth Company season could look like this....

Assuming the following...

-each 2 week schedule period gives GMs 5-8 games (6 on average)

-more then half of GMs will play all of their games in a two day block

One season SHOULD take the same amount of time and if a GM doesn't finish their games it's pretty much the same as me auto simming 30 games a year anyway. What do you guys think??
A couple thoughts here:

1) Are we sure that simming results in more injuries? Or perhaps its just a matter of a ton of injuries occuring and then when we see them all at once we just think it's more. I think the question here is hitting - is hitting more common in sims than in player vs player? For some GMs the CPU hits more than they do, but personally I hit a lot more than my CPU does.

2) Averaging it out, with 2 day advances we're looking at an average of 23 games per week. To me that seems like too many.

3) This is going to result in a lot of people having other teams play their CPU. Let's be honest, when you play the other team's CPU you go after their stars hard with hits. So there's going to be more injuries there. Further, if one conference has a bunch of guys who are getting their CPU played that brings imbalance to the league.

Personally, we started at 4 days per sim, then moved to 3. I think 3 is the prefect number. Keep simming in, it's part of the connected mode. It's not just about playing, whos the best player etc. It's about building a team that can win in the sim, that's half the fun...

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