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11-06-2012, 11:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Foppa View Post
Does anybody else feel like they'll need a primer course before they start following again whenever the NHL does start back up? I mean we are the hardest of hardcore fans. We sit around and debate about 18 year-old prospects and generally have what many people would consider an unhealthy knowledge of our teams and the league and prospects.

Yet in this barren time of the lockout I've visted this board maybe a handful of times, really only to see how people are coping. I have no interest in how prospects are doing. I don't care how many points Landeskog is putting up in a second-tier Swedish league. I don't care who is lighting up the KHL. I have no idea who is going to be any good or what our team is actually going to look like if the NHL takes the year off and doesn't start again till 2013.

Does that make me a bad 'hockey fan'? There is still hockey being played out there by players who normally I invest a great deal in but I just don't give a ****.
No. I think it just makes you jaded and rightfully so.

Personally, I really just enjoy the 'prospects' part of hockey so that's why I'm here but I'm still VERY pissed off at the NHL for making me wait for a 'possible' NHL season especially when all the haggling doesn't seem to make much sense in the grand scheme of things.

As punishment, it's going to be A LONG TIME until the NHL gets even a penny out of my pocket again, whether that's NHL Center Ice or just buying an Avalanche Hat. They need to LEARN that these stupid lockouts are annoying to us FANS, the people that find an interest into what they are doing and essentially allow them to earn the money that they are earning.

If more fans adopted this line of thinking, the NHL and NHLPA would think twice before another labor stoppage, when the result is a direct 25-30% drop in interest and league-wide revenues.

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