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11-06-2012, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by HeliDevil View Post
To be fair, Romney has said he likes the Obamacare type of health care in MA because it worked for that specific state. I think Romney is more of a pragmatist than people give him credit for, appeasing the far right to win the nomination, but I just can't see him being like that if he gets to the White House.

And I don't get why everyone says he's such a weak candidate, he's actually a pretty strong one considering he won the MA Governor race in a blue state. That is pretty damn impressive. McCain was a much weaker candidate and campaigner imo.
Only people on the extremes of either aisle think Romney is a weak candidate. Extreme liberals buy the Obama-perpetrated BS about Romney's so-called anti-women stances, while many hard line republicans don't like him because he's a flip flopper who doesn't embody the radicalism they desire.

Romney has an extremely impressive background and is an extremely smart guy.

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