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11-06-2012, 12:33 PM
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I'm having a hard time feeling sorry for you guys. While he may or may not have ****ed up that game I know Thayer Doyle probably isn't one of the better referee's in the world but he's done some games here in Moncton (not involving UNB which weren't too bad and games elsewhere which I didn't find all that bad.

But quite a few of you guys used to harp on me for *****ing after a certain referee that may or may not have cost us a CIS championship and another certain referee that DID call us 'French Frogs' in a certain Fredericton arena. I won't name names but it's pretty easy to figure out.

So maybe Thayer has an issue with UNB, there are other (worse) terrible referee's out there and some referee's have had issues with other teams and nothing has been done about it. It's not about to change either.

I don't think emailing Phil Currie will make anything happen either has as was pointed out, he has nothing to do with the selection of referee's. Maybe emailing the referee's in chief of the respective association's would have more impact, but I doubt it.

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