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11-06-2012, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by PyrettaBlaze View Post
That's exactly what I'm worried about. Check out this page:

Tons of little earthquakes have been happening lately all over the world... Quite a few on the east side of North of America as well.

Wouldn't be surprised if this map that leaked from the navy will actually turn out to be true one day.

Tons of little earthquakes have been happening all over the world, including here, since the beginning of time, well before humans ever stepped foot on this planet. These happen all the time and they are not precursors of major cataclysmic events.

Could there be a big one here? Well, in 1944 there was a 5.6 one in this area which cause pretty significant damage. So yes, there could be a big one at any time. Could be tomorrow, could be in 400 years. But earthquakes like this one are completely normal.

I'd be more worried about getting in your car and driving home from work tonight if I were you. You have much more chances of getting killed doing that than by any natural disaster.

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