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11-06-2012, 01:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Kirk- NEHJ View Post
I don't mean to quibble or go tit for tat, but did you not write this?

If the Bruins (hopefully they dont) have the the third pick. It should be Barkov

Like I said- you're welcome to the opinion, but when you write something like that, sometimes, folks will challenge you.

Man up, Ed. Man up. Or at least, try to erase the evidence before you claim that "I just said that Barkov could challenge the third spot" (I'm busting your chops here- no need to get angry and fire back hence the emoticon)

Look- just saying that if you tried to have a conversation with a scout in a rink and you threw that out there the way you did, you'd be challenged to defend your position. It's nothing personal, but I think sometimes, fans get fixated on certain players for whatever reason. Do you guys want to have a forum where there is vigorous debate, or do you just want everyone to jump up and agree with you all the time? Barkov could make a run for the top three...or he could fall. If he doesn't improve his play away from the puck, he's going to have to keep scoring at a high pace. We all saw the same exact thing with Armia two years ago- some on HFBoards were talking top 3-5 and he ended up going 16th. Barkov is more talented Armia is, but I see some of the at times laziness and indifferent play away from the puck that permeated Armia's game in his draft year.

The 2013 draft is looking better by the day. My boss at Red Line the other day said there were 8 guys he wanted to rank in the top-5. Haven't seen him this giddy about a draft's depth since...2003. That class turned out pretty well.

I don't have a monopoly on opinions...and a lot of my post is tongue in cheek and not overly serious. But be careful hanging out over on the prospect board with the HFBoards' Sasha Barkov admiration society. I saw the exact same thing two years ago with a couple of those guys and Joel Armia...they talk him up like he's this 9-foot-tall warrior who shoots thunderbolts from his hockey stick. They tend to color everything within the prism of an over-inflated opinion of the SM-Liiga. So, even though you're watching streams of Finland pro games, I wouldn't let some of the over-the-top stuff over there sway you too much.
yeah dont worry I aint getting mad over the Hockey Boards yet and trust me I rather have somebody argue a point than troll

what I said was a bad choice of words and trust me I'd rather trust your scouting department than the prospect boards, but I just like Barkov's upside (from what I saw this year he good vision and size), but I'm also a big fan of Monahan as well. (yeah this 2013 draft is deep)

as is good kirk maybe them midterms are getting to me! you know what they say junior year of college is the worst!

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