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Originally Posted by BM67 View Post
It isn't a non-factor, nor is it an excuse for poor play. It is simply another factor to be considered, just as your pointing out injuries during Durnan's playoffs.

I brought it up to illustrate that not all "upsets" are equal or even true upsets. His quality of play wasn't even mentioned. Based on his GAA, I'd think it unlikely that he was consistently great, but I'd hold off until I read some game reports at the very least.

Lets look at the loss to McCool and the Leafs in 45.

Montreal 1944-45
PO Teams226212772

Montreal scored 5 goals a game vs the rest of the league, but only 2.8 vs Toronto, and suffered half their losses vs them as well.

Major upset? Upset? Damn they had their number all year?
Agree with you about the upsets. History of the NHL is full of playoff match-ups where a lower seed had all the qualities to beat a higher ranked team and did.

Unfortunately these situations instead of being studied get dismissed for a variety of reasons.

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