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11-06-2012, 02:34 PM
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Originally Posted by palindrom View Post
So do you want gomez ?

The concrete fact is: he is a 2 time stanley cup champion.

My point was, we dont care about the past of a player, we should care about the expectation we have for him in the future. I would rather have an unproven player i expect to perform better than a proven player i expect to do badly.

dont you agree with that?
LOL Gomez has been declining the past 2 years on top of being one of the highest cap hits in the entire league.

Luongo has yet to decline. His last season was better than his career average. Career average sv% was the same as his past season sv%, but his gaa this past season was better than his career avg.

Just because u think he will do badly, doesn't mean he will. I thought John Tavares was going to be at best a 2nd line player and one of the worst 1st overall picks in a long time because his main asset was his hockey iq and being in the right place at the right time. Did that mean Tavares automatically busts because I think that? No, infact he proved me quite wrong. So why exactly is it just because YOU think Luongo will decline, that he indeed will decline?

Your example is asinine, I could give u one back... would u trade Teemu Selanne for a 7th round pick?

Selanne is 42 and even though he has yet to decline much, i expect him to play badly!! On the other hand the 7th round pick could be a 17 year old Datsyuk!

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