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11-06-2012, 02:55 PM
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Originally Posted by alphafox View Post
Its not that I eschew winning, I just have never seen the point to the middle of the pack team. If we win and go the the playoffs I'd be ecstatic, but winning enough to be the 10th in the west and 19th overall is to me somewhat pointless, sports is about winning championships. Getting to the playoffs is the first step, its just my personal opinion but I'd rather end up the worst team in the league with a chance to draft organization changing players who can lead us to the promised land.

As to your other point, I just don't agree that we don't know what the strengths and weaknesses of our team our. Granted we don't know if certain guys seasons were an abberation or not (Dubinsky) or if some guys can continue their level of play (Johnson, Nikitin, Wiz), but we know generally the Strengths and weaknesses. We have a good young defense with alot of high potential players coming along soon (Erixon, Moore, Murray). We know we have major question marks in net and need to continue building our goalie prosepct pool. We know we have alot of quality second/third liners, but we lack true offensive talent in our top six (no number one center, no elite goal scorers, no elite playmakers). We don't need a season to tell us that our team (26th in goals for last year) lost its best offensive player and didn't replace him with any other threat. (Dubinsky, Foligno, and Anisimov may score more cumulatively than Nash, but we lack someone who can be creative offensively)
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