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11-06-2012, 02:18 PM
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Originally Posted by ALI View Post
I'm back guys had a lot of work to do

Trade Deadline: i think Sunday night would be better since everyone would be at work and school, Saturday and Sunday gives them some time

Entry Draft/KLLR : i really think it will be waste of time since no one other then dong is rebuilding and most people don't participate in drafts anyway.

AHL: i think minion talked about posting AHL line ups i personally don't think its a good idea so i think we will leave that.

Voting: i think we should make a thread poll so other people can vote.

IDEA: does anybody else wanna do trophies

best goalie duo's
best offensive team
best Defensive team
best 2-way team
best Captain
More .......

something like that ?
I like this idea

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