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11-06-2012, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by chet1926 View Post
He hasn't had an opportunity to learn from his mistakes. His 1st 2 season were exceptionally solid for a 19 and 20 year old. He made some mistakes in the offseason between year 2 and 3, be it training, diet, general laziness etc. and he paid for it with a injury plagued, out of shape, injury plagued, lazy year 3.

His opportunity to learn from this mistake came this summer. And from the sounds of it he took the right steps in training hard and partying less and treating this more like a privilege than a right. Unfortunately he has not had an opportunity to show the fans if he did learn from the mistakes.

From the looks of it he is playing well in the SEL, and when they figure **** out in the NHL, I think the fans here will see a totally different player this year (for the better). I fully expect Duchene to produce offensive at a rate of approx .85ppg or higher meaning approx 70pts or more over an 82 game season.
This post assumes that all of Duchene's mistakes happened last season. They didn't, and he has shown little development in certain key areas between seasons 1 and 3.

All of this said, I'm fine being patient with Duchene and seeing how he does over the next couple of seasons. He undoubtedly has the most offensive skill on the roster.

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