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11-06-2012, 02:34 PM
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Originally Posted by The CyNick View Post
I don't think that should be a group decision. I think if the owner of winnipeg jets saw potential profits in the future, he would be willing to eat short term losses. if the owner sees the market as a dog, he shouldn't be able to just sit back and fail off the back of those who are successful. he should instead look to sell the team to someone locally who can be successful in the market, our move it somewhere that it can be a success, or sell it.
I understand this entirely; I see MLB teams (Pittsburgh and Kansas City, primarily) who have had little interest in fielding a winning team, but simply pocket the revenue sharing check. Then again, MLB also doesn't have a salary floor of any type, so the MLB and NHL situations aren't entirely comparable.

Originally Posted by Gump Hasek View Post
Winnipeg's attendance back then sans the lame duck season was basically akin to the league averages at that time. The key difference of course between Winnipeg at that time and markets like Columbus today is that Columbus remains a money pit after receiving many millions annually of league welfare. There was no revenue sharing available to Winnipeg at that time.

The two situations are not at all analogous and as such your post doesn't exactly embolden whatever point it was that you were trying to make.
As an absolutely raw number, sure. That's because many teams played in smaller arenas. Winnipeg Arena was 15,565, but then again, Vancouver was 16,281; Maple Leaf Gardens was a lot of spots between 15,000 and 16,500; Pittsburgh was 16,033; Philly was around 17,000 (with several renovations); Montreal was 16,500; Los Angeles was 16,005; Minnesota was 15,000; Quebec was 15,750; Buffalo was 16,433 and 16,325; and Boston was 14,448.

Funny thing...none of them had any problem consistently hitting 90% (which Winnipeg never did). And you've been telling us for how long now that raw numbers mean nothing, while that's the only thing that supports your idea of Winnipeg being close to "league average" in anything?

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