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11-06-2012, 02:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Sevanston View Post
Listening to Chris Block's most recent podcast about Rockford. He's unhappy with the Hogs' play so far.

Some talking points:

- They're slow. He thinks that Jayes is one of their fastest skaters, which really says something.

- "Andrew Shaw could play his way off the Blackhawks with his performances so far."

- Stan is out there every night. Quenneville, Smith, and other coaches are there almost every night.

- Pirri has been heating up, shooting a lot more and getting rewarded for it.

- Way too many penalties. Part of that is on the coaching, but also on the players. Some guys on the Icehogs are running wild. Even Kruger has been going a little nuts.

- Smith and Stanton both had great games on Saturday.

- Jayes was playing center this weekend?? Coach Dent claims it was a decision that came down from the Hawks. Barry Smith was running 1 on 1 instruction with Jayes to prep him for playing as a center.

But Chris thinks it makes sense. Jayes' relative lack of a physical game, he'll probably never be the power winger that his size would warrant. Chris likes his hands, his shot, and he's a very positional player that likes to shoot from the middle of the ice. Then Chris has a little daydream about Hayes lining up with Kane on his wing, and imagines that being a really effective line. Of course Jayes has work to do (i.e. skating, which he has already improved since last year) but it's an interesting experiment.

IMO, if Jayes can pick up his skating and his defensive play, then his shot, reach, and positioning could make him effective at center ice even without a rough and tumble physical game, especially with the way he can handle himself around the net. But I still just can't imagine him taking a top six spot over some of our other center prospects like Pirri, McNeill, or Danault.

- Chris also opened up a bit about Salak last year. Basically says a lot of what we already knew, Salak came into camp with a big head, got pissed that he wasn't gifted the Blackhawks' backup spot, and then made everything about his AHL season worse with both his on- and off-ice issues. After one of Salak's on-ice tantrums, even his buddy Olesz (who had formed a two man clique with Salak) got up on the bus after the game, and ripped Salak a new one in front of everyone for disgracing his team and his country. What a headcase.

thanks for this

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