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Originally Posted by Ernie View Post
The trolling is particularly distasteful in my opinion.

As a Canucks fan, we have things good. But we didn't always. Just over a decade ago, one Brian Burke was threatening to move the franchise. It was a disgusting feeling.

And that is only minor to what Coyotes fans have gone through over the last few years.

I get that fans in certain markets are desperate for hockey. And I think they deserve hockey.

But Phoenix fans deserve hockey as well. Perhaps the economics just won't work out. But, at the end of the day, it's our love of hockey that brings us together. It doesn't matter where you live or what your background is. Belittling another fan because they're different is low. It's unseemly. It's wrong.

And it shouldn't be reduced to a zero sum game. If the Coyotes don't survive in the Phoenix market, then I hope there is access to quality hockey there when they leave. Personally, I think it would be fantastic to have a Canucks farm team there. From what we've heard, the players think that there should be hockey in Phoenix. They enjoy playing there and think it's a great city.

You would think that fans in markets that have lost hockey would be more empathetic. As a hockey fan, if you aren't, then there is something wrong with you. Because even if the franchise does move to your market, you can't separate the fact that the players have history there. And you can hope that the management team and coaching staff comes with them, because they've proven to be among the best in the business. They deserve credit for what they've achieved.
I live in an area that wants to gain an NHL franchise. That being said, I've never been comfortable with the idea of cocking one's leg on the grave of another fan base. I was appalled when I heard the rumours about the Oilers relocating to Seattle. I thought it sickening. Same with the Islanders rumours. Maybe a franchise isn't economically viable in it's current location and needs to move.....but that's no reason for anyone to gleefully rub that team's fans' collective faces in it.

Sure, the Coyotes could be relocated to Seattle and I'd be overjoyed to have a team; but even then I'd still have sympathy for the fans in Phoenix who lost them and wouldn't dream of gloating at them.

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