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11-06-2012, 03:48 PM
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Hey all,

With the US Election today, we the mods felt like it was important to make clear a couple of things regarding discussion of the election and political talk in general.

Primarily, please know that due to the high risk and commonality of flaming and arguments that result, HF's rules prohibit political discussion anyway on the site except the designated politics board. You can find that board here:

The politics board has a somewhat more lax standard of moderation, allowing for flaming and more aggressive posting as long as it remains on-topic and steers away from gross offensiveness or racist/sexist/bigoted behaviour.

You will be allowed to post news links and updates on the election here in the OT thread, but only impartial, factual news (hard voting #s, projections, etc). It cannot be colored by editorializing or commentary from you or the source you are quoting.

Any attacks on other posters over political issues or attempts to hijack the thread with political commentary or partisan material will not be tolerated. We will hand out infractions and thread bans at our discretion if we feel it's necessary.

This post will be the only warning we give. We don't expect problems, but we wanted to make sure everyone knew the score.

The mods


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