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11-06-2012, 04:54 PM
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Lost my respect for the players.

In recent days a couple of things have taken away what sympathy I might have had for the players.
I listened to an discussion with Pierre Dagenais, who discussed the last players strike. Being a marginal NHL player who could see his dream of playing in the NHL fading during the work stoppage he voiced his concerns during a players meeting. During this meeting he said he was told to shut up by Brian Rafalski because players of his stature didn't matter.
During the current work stoppage it seems the priority for the big guns is to see that they get their money according to their existing contracts. What's troubling is this is their main concern, and they have no concern for retired players or the players who will enter the league in the future. In order to maximize the salary of the current "stars" they will agree to 5 year entry contracts for new players and to a 50/50split for future players to take effect after existing contracts have been completed.
Most unions are in place to protect all the membership and not an elite few, but its the opposite for the NHLPA.

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