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11-06-2012, 05:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Whileee View Post
To be honest, I'm still not sure where the Coyotes situation ends up, regardless of the result of the election (for council and/or tax increase). Of course, if the tax increase is overturned and the majority of incoming council members oppose the lease, then chances increase substantially that the Jamison lease will not be passed. However, we still don't know what the NHL might do in that case. For all we know, they'll realize that they need to put more money on the table by reducing the purchase price, assuming that they still have strong preference for retaining the Phoenix market.

Conversely, even if the tax increase is retained and council is tilted in favor of the Jamison deal, there are a number of potential obstacles. First, we still don't know who is in Jamison's investment group and whether they will finally be able to finalize a purchase agreement with the NHL. Locally, the Jamison lease might face a legal challenge (over the gift clause), and could also be subject to a referendum to overturn it.

Either way, there isn't a particularly clear path to a local sale, which is remarkable after all of the efforts by the City of Glendale to support the retention of the Coyotes.
I agree. I think the tax vote is big because, as you said, depending on who gets voted in-it will be interesting to see if the NHL does indeed lower the sale price, something it's been hesitant to do.

My purely speculative gut thinks that if the tax vote is overturned and the council is Anti-yote, I think the NHL at that point decide to cut bait, I think the NHL only hangs around if tax vote is oveturned, but it's a pro-yote council-they MIGHt still push it, but if it's antil yote, I think it's all she wrote.

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