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11-06-2012, 05:26 PM
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Originally Posted by tujague View Post
Obryantj, have you scouted Matt Hernandez? He's not one of my top prospects. Not sure why willmott added him to the NT. he is 6/6 with great OR, but the Qs aren't there. That's why I'm selling him before he's off the team He's not terrible though- 90D 64/82/81/59.
I bid on him, then scouted him overnight. His Q's are good (not great), his OR is good, he's 15 and 6/6 and universal. I would like to have him on my team, so we'll see how the bidding goes.

The goalie I purchased last month cracked the top 10 practice list today (all leagues) and is training like an absolute beast. He's only been working on his tech and speed since I acquired him, but the lowest training he's had is 1.66.

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