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11-06-2012, 05:32 PM
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We used "walking Wings" to hold the kids up when we were teaching them to skate.

It really saved on our backs. It also was easier to help them find their balance as they were not holding on to something. To start with I would recommend just getting him to stand. Once he can stand get him to take little steps. If little steps is too hard, just get him to move one foot.

When they are getting tired of standing, I skate with them in my arms or hold them up with the walking wing straps and get them to point their feet out in front while I am skating. I hold most of thier weight but have a little weight on their legs so they can stear.

I have the straps on my wrists and try to never let them fall onto the ice untill they can actually do some movement on their own. One hard fall can set them back a lot.

Make sure it is fun for them or they will not want to do it.

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