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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
Basically, for the majority of Leafs fans, it's "soft deal" or no deal. And that's fine, because I cannot fathom Gillis doing that type of deal with Burke. Wrong 2 GMs involved.

Interestingly enough, I would love to see this interplay between GMs carry on into the season. In fact, I hope Gillis waits right up until the deadline. If TO is a bubble team at that point, it will be the moment of truth for Burke's tenure there. Exciting stuff.
I agree. I would suggest any fanbase has this 'soft deal or no deal' theory. It's not just regarding Luongo, it was the same for Nash and other other available players. It's tough for any fanbase to part with assets, people get attached to their teams players. No fan, I don't care how impartial they think they are, can look at this from a realistic standpoint (as a buyer).

Luckily, GM's make the final decisions. Gillis is somewhat arrogant (IMO), he's smart (1 yr removed form GM of the yr) and he's calculated. He doesn't make a deal unless he's happy with it, there's no incentive to do other wise this season. There's def no incentive for deals between Gillis/Burke. Gillis didn't even go to Abbotsford when Burke was there last wknd to scout the Marlies. That tells me everything.

I'd also like Lu to stay in Van till very minimum trade deadline. I need to 'know' Cory can handle the workload and stay injury free. 'If' there's hockey, there's gonna be a lot of games in a short period of time. For a team that travels more than any NHL team, Canucks will need 2 goalies to steal them games.

Also, people talking about '5 teams' is incorrect. It's 6, and that was well before any GM knew what the landscape looked like. I think the 'mystery team' might be the x-factor here.

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