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11-06-2012, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Liferleafer View Post
I get every point. But you are stating what you think Luongo's value is...period. Well, you may be right, but NONE of the interested teams can afford to pay that price. Do you think Rick Nash went for full value? I don't, but his NTC pretty much set the tone just as i feel Luongo's will. When the time comes, Luongo will present his list to Gillis and he will look at the best deals accordingly. Now, Gillis could play hardball with Luongo, but in the end, it will either be honour the list or waive him. He could also keep Luongo but IMO, that ship has sailed. This doesn't mean taking Komi and a 4th, but i believe getting "full value" is a pipedream for many reasons...such as age/contract/NTC/market.

Do you think a 1st + Kadri + Frattin + Bozak is "full value" for Lu? Interesting. It isn't. A 1st and a better prospect like Gardiner would be worth more than that package. It's of a higher quality. What's more, neither package fits a need. It's value for the sake of value. Reducing it's actual worth to VAN.

Nash got much more. Nash got two much better NHLers, both C/Ws, a much safer high end prospect, and a later 1st. And people still said Nash was had for a song.

Age - The difference between Nash and Lu is 6 yrs.

NTC - Both had them.

Contract - There are many that view Luongo's deal as much better than Nash's own. His cap hit is atrocious.

Market - 5 teams is enough. Perhaps more if things go awry for some during the season.

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