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Originally Posted by BlindWillyMcHurt View Post
I don't necessarily disagree. My only real issue with fighting in the game were those pointless staged "heavyweight" fights. If two players who have been going at it all night get sick of each other, boil over and start pounding on each other... more power to them, I guess.

But even Engo barely fought last season. It seems to be getting de-emphasized, like it or not. Injury concerns (namely the rash/new awareness of concussions) probably have at least something to do with it.
Not sure if it's de-emphasized. That may not be the right word. That to me means that it is lacking the importance as before, and I don't think that's the case. What I do think is the case is guys who play big parts on teams are now pugilists. You can't afford to have them out so they pick the battles more. Lucic is Boston sort of comes to mind. That guy would fight every single game, but he limits when he does.

I also think more than ever before, team toughness is so much more important. Teams like Boston are bringing waves upon waves of toughness. You don't need to fight a guy if you have a bunch of guys who can just continuously run him into the boards instead.

The game is definitely changing. Not sure how I feel about it yet. I fear that it's will turn into the NFL, and you now cannot hit anyone because they are constantly "defenseless." When I grew up playing hockey, if your head was down, you were fair game. Now guys can skate up the ice with their heads turned, and if a guy lights him up, that guy is suspended and fined.

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