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Originally Posted by JTG View Post
I also think more than ever before, team toughness is so much more important. Teams like Boston are bringing waves upon waves of toughness. You don't need to fight a guy if you have a bunch of guys who can just continuously run him into the boards instead.
I'll completely agree with this. I always have, really. You don't need to go out and get these talentless enforcers who specialize just in punching faces. You need to have an entire roster willing to play a chippy style of game to keep the other team honest. Finish checks, body guys off of pucks, play hard in the corners and along the boards. But don't waste a valuable roster spot on a dedicated enforcer. Not even for a quarter of a season (and obviously NEVER in the playoffs... which in and of itself is telling).

The game is definitely changing. Not sure how I feel about it yet. I fear that it's will turn into the NFL, and you now cannot hit anyone because they are constantly "defenseless." When I grew up playing hockey, if your head was down, you were fair game. Now guys can skate up the ice with their heads turned, and if a guy lights him up, that guy is suspended and fined.
I'll grant that they are in an awkward phase, right now. The league has to protect it's most valuable assets (and help protect them from even further mental deficiency, as evidenced by this lockout) and deal with dirty hits and other infractions in a fair manner across the board with consistency. But I agree that they could well go too far. I'm skeptical because I don't have much faith in the people at the controls of this league. So your point is completely valid.

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