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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
Thank you!

And yes, I realise no system is going to be perfect. Which is why you don't just base comparisons on ONE system and you certainly don't abandon common sense in the process.

I am still going to continue to drive home the point that not all tiers of players are going to be affected equally in a harsher scoring environment.
I saw it all through minor hockey. As we got older, coaching sunk in better as we could better understand the implementation of systems and positioning.
As this happened, the lesser talented players found it increasingly harder to score while the more talented players were having a lot less trouble maintaining their production.
As a result, our team scoring became less spread out between all lines and more concentrated on the top lines. Our total goals scored decreased but that decrease was in no way, shape or from an equal decrease between all players.
This is reality and IMO, exactly the same thing has happened in the NHL over the last 30 years.

So you can continue to say that scoring has decreased between all players equally and I will continue to call ********

The Math aside, you KNOW this makes a hell of a lot of sense.
I'm not sure how anyone can argue against this unless they somehow have a vested interest. How does Russian goal scorers coming over make it more difficult for Lemieux and Gretzky to put up points? The Euro/Russia defencemen have been pretty mediocre, aside from Lidstrom.

Of course if the league gets tougher, Chris Nilan and the gang are going to be hurt more than the top point getters and to think otherwise is pretty absurd and baseless imo.

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