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11-06-2012, 07:43 PM
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Originally Posted by PDO View Post
I don't think Charles should play to be honest... his game is all about quickness, what's the point of having Messam and Boyd on the roster if you're rushing Charles back anyway?

Keys to the game for the Esks offensively are to stay balanced and make sure Fred Stamps is involved.

The fact Stamps finished 2nd in receiving with these QB's is stunning, and if he can stay hot I don't think Toronto can cover him; it's just a matter of having a starting QB who can get him the ball.
If Charles isn't 100%, and I doubt he is, he shouldn't be used to run the ball, and maybe not at all. Where I do see a role for him or somebody with hands is as mentioned on the quickstrike and which has been sorely missing in our game this year without him. A lot of our receivers just don't run quick patterns and don't often come back to the ball or break pattern to help the QB who's being rushed. We're sorely missing quick hit plays when we're experiencing pressure. Often case the QB has two options. run for life, or eat ball, get pounded in turf.

It is interesting that with Joseph and Nichols Stamps is having one of his best years ever. It makes one wonder though how much of the limitation this year is at quarterback vs Reciever. As I watch our receivers flat out drop several passes a game and look at the stats I realize only Stamps and Koch are even legitimate targets most of the time. Henry has had just an awful year, Coohoern looking green. Carter not worth a plugged nickle, and Chambers still too young. These guys need to be more reliably running patterns, much sharper than they have been, and get involved in the game early. We have 4 recievers on this club that don't do **** all to get in the game in first halves. Noticed this fairly consistently.

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