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11-06-2012, 09:21 PM
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Originally Posted by jsykes View Post
I take mine out. I hate them. I wear a full cage and would never step on the ice without it, but cant stand the feel of the ear pieces. Might as well have a football helmet on for me with them. They rub my ears and are hot.

I certainly see the benefit, but you gotta figure its a dangerous game and things might happen and where do you draw the line.

Do you wear a neck guard too, after all, there is no good reason not to and that could be a life saving piece of equipment rather than just a cut or concussion.

How can you justify ear pieces and no cage? Much more likely to be hit in the face than in the ear.

We all make our choices for various reasons, so no one can/should say "there's no good reason."
HUH? who said I don't wear a cage? I do wear a cage. Not sure where you read that at. You need to get a different helmet, or a bigger one. I can't feel my ear guards at all.

And no i don't wear a neck guard, because clearly the odds of a puck hitting you is far greater then the odds of skates cutting your neck. Sometimes common sense isn't so common I guess.

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