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Originally Posted by Frankie View Post
i don't consider many of those guys to be "developing prospects". they're not veterans, but they're not developing prospects either. maybe two or three. as i said, the team is literally overloaded with veterans, and i have no doubt heisinger would add more if he could.
We might be saying similar things then and just disagreeing on degree. I do think those guys are the Jets Prospects. Which is why I think the team is employing a balanced system.

Originally Posted by Frankie View Post
i'd give the fans a little more credit than that. i would hope that mccambridge and heisinger are not simply saying what they think the fans want to hear. surely they aren't stupid enough to give different views to fans in st.john's and fans in winnipeg.

trying to develop a fan base in st. john's? they've had to do or say nothing to help develop the fans base in st.john's. its been sold out since day 1.

fact is, all they ever talk about is winning, and to this point their actions have reflected their words 100%.
I'm not implying that TNSE is being anything but truthful in their message to St. John's fans. What I am saying is that I don't expect an organization to say anything different to their fans regarding trying to win. I certainly wouldn't expect TNSE to tell the people in St. Johns that the Ice Caps will be lucky to ever win 10 games because we're only going to ice nothing but prospects. But I also don't see how developing prospects and trying to win have to be one or the other.

Originally Posted by Frankie View Post
i think heisinger is absolutely focused only on an ahl championship. in his mind, he's strictly an ahl guy. i think he views this team as his baby, and he'll do whatever it takes to try to win.
I agree that Heisinger would dearly love to win an AHL championship, but to think that he would do anything to win in the AHL to the detriment of the Jets makes little sense to me, and I have seen nothing from TNSE in any of their moves to indicate that they would act this way.

Originally Posted by Frankie View Post
i don't disagree with that at all. i think that's the only way to do it.

i just responded to the post from "jet" who wanted to remind people (i assume fans in st.john's) that the icecaps exist solely to develop players for the jets. i think that criticism (or reminder) should be aimed not at fans, but at the coaching staff and management, because they want to win the calder cup above all else.

Gotcha, IMO I don't see the Ice Caps as being on either extream myself. It's not there solely to let prospects play, and it's not there as a vet organization trying to win AHL championships to the detriment of the NHL parent org (Chicago Wolves anyone?).

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