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Originally Posted by KevFu View Post
I don't understand your concept of "that deserve it." No one "deserves" help. It's in the best interest of everyone to help. That's why it's there. Apply that to other professions: "Well, they shouldn't get a safety net because they're a horrible tight-rope walker" ???
I don't think it is in the leagues best interest to help a team that isn't helping itself. Propping up teams in emerging markets makes sense, if they're run well eventually they will gain a fan base, add to national TV numbers and make money for themselves and everyone else. That's a good investment.

Giving money to Charles Wang so he can continue to run a mickey mouse operation with little chance of ever being successful is a bad investment.

The Florida panthers have made the playoffs 3 times in 18 years. In any other business that level of incompetence would not lead to prosperity, why should it in the NHL? The salary cap was brought in to help these teams compete but a lot of them haven't, because they are still poorly run.

The Predators, on the other hand, run a tight ship. They draft and develop well, sign good contracts and have had good success. It's not because their building is better than the Islanders, it's because they are run better.

Help the teams that are helping themselves. It applies everywhere in the business world, you don't throw good money at bad money, you invest in well run companies.

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