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11-06-2012, 11:07 PM
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Originally Posted by cheswick View Post
The tax vote isn't a surprise. The council didnt sell it as if its overturned the coyotes leave. They sold it as of its overturned libraries close and there are cuts to police and fire protection (which I guess isn't untrue?)

If Clark in fact loses what make up does the new council have in relation to support of coyotes subsidies?
Clark was the most vociferous and influential supporter of the Jamison deal, and her replacement does not seem inclined to be supportive. I can't recall what the mayoral candidates' positions were, but I think that both of them favored a less rich AMF and looking to see other options. In that case, the new council will likely oppose the Jamison lease as currently configured. That could change once they have been briefed by others, but I expect that the current city council better pass the lease agreement if it is going to be done. I just think that the optics of having outgoing council members pass such a substantial and controversial financial measure is going to raise all sorts of red flags. I expect that it will not only encourage folks who would seek to overturn it through a referendum, but I expect that it might also figure into the GWI's likelihood of challenging this under the gift clause.

The NHL should have done all that it could to get this deal done long before now. They have left the COG, Jamison and themselves in a very tenuous and complicated situation now.

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