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05-19-2006, 01:41 AM
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Originally Posted by sc37
How's that coupon for Ballistik sticks only? But brand-new, Ballistiks arn't worth it-- they are kinda crappy. But if you see them on eBay for like $35, then that might be ok. They had closeouts on eBay a few months ago...dunno if it's still true.

Ya, just works with Ballistiks only. So you say they are crappy? In which way? They break all the time? They are not flexable enough? Are you talking about the wooden ones or the composite ones?

I just don't understand, If they make stick for everyone else (Bauer, Hespeler,Louisville, Mission, Nike, Sherwood and Victoriaville) does that mean that these manufactured sticks are crappy as well?

The reason why I ask and not to be a smart ***, but I see a lot of players with all of these manufacture's sticks. And if Ballistik make these stick for all of these other manufacture, and everyone else loves them, them why are their stick any different that the Sherwoods or the Hespeler's of the world?

They are the same stick are they not? But without you having to pay for the Nike or Sherwood name...right?

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