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Just getting my feet wet!!

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I hope you're going to join other discussions instead of only answering questions in this topic. Really looking forward for your opinion about the team and the prospects on a regular basis.

welcome aboard.
Youth hockey is getting stronger here in Southwest. Lots of former players are getting involved in coaching. long ways to go though.

The Coyotes are heavily involved here with youth hockey which is great. Our issue is lots of young athletes have many choices on which sports they can play year round! Football and baseball usually grab lots of young kids first and many don't get involved in hockey. Totally different then kids up in Canada who live and die watching and playing our countries sport.

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Hi Savey! After watching you play for years it's nice to meet you in cyberspace. It's also great to hear you've settled nicely into a post pro hockey life.

I'd like to get your feel on the hockey culture in the southern U.S. I know it ranks low in the grand scheme of things down there, but if hockey is to catch on and reap the lucrative U.S. television contract(s) Bettman and the owners so crave it has to be cultivated through a generation or two of hockey playing and watching fans. Do you get the sense if some of these teams moved those areas would suffer collapsed minor hockey associations? On that note, do smaller market U.S. teams participate in cultivating and aiding local minor hockey programs?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Kirk Muller and I are both from Kingston. A classier gentleman you could not find. I imagine he made a hell of a team mate. Craig Rivet also played junior here. I'd love to hear what he's up to these days.
Always ate pasta and chicken for pre game. I was always one of the first guys at the rink before the game. I liked to make up 3 sticks before each game and read over the opponents stats and key players to focus on. Goalies were always weird game day. Jeff Hacket you couldn't talk to before game. He was so focus on his job so we left him along!

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Hey Brian!

As a player, what was the meal you ate before the game?

Also, we're you superstitious? Do you had any pre-game rituals? any teammates of you that had weird things going before games?
# 49 lives on!!!

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One of my favorite players growing up. I wear #49 in beer league hockey.

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