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Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
I didn't talk about their revenue issues at all, I talked about how poorly run they are.
Does your GM work for free? I thought running a team cost money.

Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
You have a lot of excuses for Charles [mod].
No, I have a lot of experience following the Islanders. We were broke and couldn't afford to compete long before Charles Wang took over. Because of the lease and arena.

Charles Wang is a bad owner at things like: Knowing anything about hockey. The only thing Charles Wang did well: Get us to the end of the lease without the team moving out of the market. No one wanted to own our team except to TRY and develop the land around the arena. That's why the previous owners had to be recruited by the league, including Wang.

Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
I mean, he hired the backup goalie because he couldn't afford anyone else? Are you serious?
He hired Neil Smith. Smith quit after 10 days. Then he hired Garth Snow. So yes. I am serious.

Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
He hired Milbury and he ran it into the ground. That's on Wang.
Mike Milbury was hired as coach in 1995, named GM in December of 1995. Charles Wang bought the team in 2000.
Not firing Milbury was on Wang. But Wang didn't know anything about hockey and gave him the benefit of the doubt. No one told Wang Milbury sucked because the rest of hockey really liked trading with him.

Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
Had they not been terrible all those years because of an incompetent GM, they may be able to generate enough revenue to pay scouts.
That is false. Re-read those lease terms.

If every seat was sold out, the Islanders would have $4.5 million more in revenue. Still last in revenue. Still not as much as their operating losses. What else can you do to generate revenue?
-- Sell more advertising? Don't get that money, SMG does.
-- Sell more concessions? Don't get that money, SMG does.
-- Sell more suites? Can't renovate/build the arena without SMG/politician approval. Still waiting on that. It's only been 20 years.
-- Move. Lease prevents them to playing a home game anywhere but the Coliseum (we can't even play regular season games in Europe like other teams have).

All you can do is run out the clock on the lease. We thank Wang for that.

Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
His business has been run poorly since the day he bought it.
That's true. It's also true that the Islanders business was run poorly before Wang bought them. Do you get this yet? Wang sucks as an owner. We have him for an owner because NO ONE ELSE WANTED THE TEAM because of the arena/lease situation. There's absolutely nothing about the franchise that hasn't been effected by the lease and arena.

Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
Wang is responsible for how his business is run regardless of the obstacles.
And that is what it is. But not our topic of discussion, here. You think that is a reason to exclude the Islanders from revenue sharing. Is the LEAGUE responsible for the franchises in it after they bring them into the league?

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