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11-07-2012, 12:12 AM
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Originally Posted by thedonger View Post
for the first time, i'm actually gonna have to disagree with you there. superfeet's philosophy, along with many other custom orthotic companies, relates to the foot's role in body alignment. this does include proper arch support as well. you cannot have proper alignment of the feet, and therefore body, without proper arch support.

so although their products aren't designed soled for the purpose of arch support, it would incorrect to say they have nothing to do with arch levels.

(i do some work with custom orthotics)
Well reasoned. I should rephrase that first statement to say this instead:

SF Yellow is/was not designed as an arch support product (comparing where the arch structure is on the footbed compared to your own foot's arch reveals a backwards shift in the footbed's placement) but rather a heel support product with the arch structure built in not to support it solely, but to try and maintain SF's profile of one's foot in its 'optimum' position.

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